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Membership in the Montgomery County Medical Society has never been more valuable, and we will work every day to keep it that way. We are the unified voice for physicians in the Greater Dayton area. Join our organization and be heard.  

How many of you…

  • Are seeking a greater voice in the healthcare sector for your local community?
  • Are struggling to maintain independent practice?
  • Oppose the independent practice of medicine by non-physicians?
  • Are frustrated with hospitals or insurance companies who won’t fairly negotiate?
  • Are seeking greater resources to protect yourselves and your staff during the pandemic and other infectious disease outbreaks?
  • Are feeling isolated or burned out?
  • Are wondering how you can impact policy decisions that dictate the practice of medicine now and in the future?
  • Are seeking collaboration & counsel regarding an array of value-based healthcare choices?
  • Are seeking ways to educate others on a populational level?
  • Are seeking local professional networking opportunities within a respected medical society of over 170 years?
  • Are seeking opportunities to meet with local elected public officials to advocate on behalf of our patients and our practices?

Since its founding in 1849, MCMS has served the physician and patient populations of Montgomery County, offering services to ensure safe and efficient medical care and championing the rights of physicians to maintain the independent practice of medicine. 

Listed below are some of the ways that the Montgomery County Medical Society has supported our members by providing:

Strength in Numbers.

Advocating for local physicians’ group whose contract negotiations were threatened by private-equity led national staffing firms.


Exclusive access to free PPE and COVID testing availability through our partnership with Public Health Dayton Montgomery County (PHDMC)

Trusted Information.

Regular updates from our COVID-19 task force, including Virtual Town Hall meetings facilitating personal interaction with local and regional experts.  In addition, our members serve at the highest levels of leadership on the medical staffs of our hospitals, medical schools and physician practices.

A Public Voice.

Regular media appearances by Montgomery County Medical Society leaders.

Peer Support.

Free access to a Summer Wellness Series of webinars – with physicians in the trenches, just like you – through our partnership with the Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA).


Action Alerts and regular updates on myriad policy initiatives, including our success in blocking harmful Out of Network Billing legislation while we were distracted treating patients on the front lines of a global pandemic.

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We work every day to ensure that membership in Montgomery County Medical Society has never been more valuable. We’d love to have you join us!