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Safe Opioid Prescribing in Ohio
Montgomery County Medical Society By Amol Soin, MD , Ricardo M. Buenaventura, MD

Most physicians can expect to see a patient that is suffering from pain at some point during their clinical practice. Briefly, pain is an unpleasant sensory experience with both physical and emotional components. Pain is commonly thought to be associated with tissue damage but it can also occur in situations where the tissue damage is threatened as in ischemia, not easily seen such as nerve damage of peripheral neuropathy and in situations where no tissue injury is easily identified such as fibromyalgia, chronic abdominal pain or headaches. Pain has an emotional component that can make one person's pain unbearable while a different person with a similar affliction may have little or no pain. It is the subjective component of pain that makes pain management difficult for patients, doctors and regulators.

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